Optima Digital Solutions undertakes implementation and development for a range of public sector authorities utilising low code platforms.

Our skilled and experienced team are all well versed in the hard work the public sector undertakes and know well-designed and efficient processes benefit not only the organisation but the residents that use the services.

We specialise in low-code platforms such as Granicus govService while utilising cloud technologies like Azure and AWS to get the most out of low-code platforms. Our team have experience integrating with complex third party systems such as Civica, Northgate, Alloy, Whitespace, Bartec and more.

We are trusted by local councils, social care services, housing associations and other public sector bodies to provide cutting-edge digital consultancy that delivers results and ensures knowledge sharing with your existing team.

Our services

We offer a range of services across a number of different platforms and technologies. Contact us to see how we can assist with your digital transformation goals.

Forms development

Just looking for a few key forms to be developed or complex form integrations for third party systems? Our team has integrated with a number of APIs such as Whitespace, Civica, Bartec & more!

Solution architecture

If you’ve already got a skilled development team but require your current technologies reviewing and guidance on how best to utilise them within govService then we can assist you along the way.

Platform configuration

Recently purchased govService and require a configuration tailored to your authority? We can help, from permissions setup to frontend portal theming to match your existing corporate website.

Upskilling & training

Do you want to upskill or train existing members of staff on how to create basic forms to assist your digital transformation? We can provide 1-2-1 or group sessions to suit your requirements.