Integrating Causeway Alloy with govService at Gloucester City council

Gloucester City Council

IT & Transformation

Optima Digital Solutions was appointed to assist with the integration of the Alloy back office system to the Granicus govService platform within a limited timeframe due to previous project setbacks.

In 2022, a new waste contract was implemented at Gloucester City Council. The new provider, Ubico, is a local authority jointly owned company. This allows several neighbouring authorities to combine their environmental service requirements into a single organisation that provides better value for councils and residents.

To manage its services, Ubico and partners (including Gloucester City Council) jointly procured and implemented the Causeway Alloy task and asset management system. This allowed them to link front line teams with Ubico back office and Council customer care systems. The Alloy system was developed jointly by Ubico and partners but unfortunately as each authority involved was using different CRM systems, this meant integration could not also be undertaken jointly.

Our brief
We were contacted to assist with govService process development and integration between back office systems. We were briefed to undertake:

  1. Two-way integration with Alloy for several govService processes.
  2. Solution architecture and process development for new processes such as Garden Waste, Bulky Waste, Extra Waste Capacity and more for the govService platform.
  3. Testing and quality assurance before go live.
  4. Project management for all processes.
  5. Knowledge sharing and handover to existing team members throughout and after the development process.

What we achieved